Concept introduction


Thank You for taking the time to explore this unique business venture. The Arts & Crepes at Home business model marries several existing business strategies and industries in a way that creates an immensely scalable and profitable prospect. At the center of it all is a unique and engaging experience for the end user: a hands-on, interactive social encounter in which women get together and embark on something exciting and new in the comfort of their own home - the art of making crepes - with close friends, wine, and laughs.



           The fastest way to scale a restaurant concept is by Franchising. While it presents its own set of challenges and rigorous procedural and quality control structures, something that is relatively non-existent and less strenuous to execute is franchising a catering model. A catering franchise model also renders physical expansion barriers intra-city or state all but obsolete, making expansion much more easily attainable and fluid

          Franchising's more aggressive cousin, Network Marketing (aka MLM or pryamid model), creates a lower barrier to entry, a competitive atmosphere, and a direct work/reward incentive for the associates. In many instances these schemes are scams with no real product to sell rather moving money up a pyramid. However Arts & Crepes at Home will leverage its franchisees in a community driven network with a proven product they can be proud to sell and profit from


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          From painting classes to cooking classes, interactive Workshops in which amateurs of a given skill or profession are led in a hands-on DIY session have been an entertainment fad of the 21st century. The end user not only leaves with a new skill but also with a lifelong memory with friends. 

        Catering, when executed properly, is the best performing segment of the food-service industry. With low overhead, low occupancy costs, low barrier to entry, and often a model that passes down labor and delivery costs to the consumer, the profit margins often double or triple those of brick and mortar restaurants. Executing these workshops in the comfort of the consumers' homes not only creates a more intimate environment but also a better performing P&L.

Concept Summary:

  • A fun, interactive, unique experience aimed primarily at women.

  • One of a kind hands-on social experience which also empowers women entrepreneurs to own their own business

  • At-home interactive crêpe making in which the customer can either: 

    • (1) book a hands-on crêpe making experience in which the party will participate in making crêpes under the guidance of a trained associate, learning how crepes are made, and enjoy each-other’s company with bring-your-own-wine and/or any other beverage of choice. This experience centers around togetherness and the activities will be done in fellowship. Once everyone cooks everyone will sit down together and enjoy their meal together, franchisee included.

    • (2) book a hands-off crepe experience in which a trained associate will make crepes live for the party while the guests enjoy each-other’s company with bring-your-own-wine and/or any other beverage of choice. 

      • This feature also carries over to a more broad catering offering in which a trained associate can offer his or her services for a plethora of other catering needs such as corporate luncheons, weddings, special engagements, farmers markets, etc. 

  • A network marketing model which allows for independent franchisees to sell an existing, proven product and service while participating in a revenue share on all events and sales made.