value propositions

High Income Potential:Franchisees have the ability to earn income from a plethora of different avenues and can participate at the level of involvement of their choosing. Anywhere from extra spending money, to legitimate side-hustle, to their full time main source of income, the income opportunity for both the franchisee and Arts and Crepes is virtually limitless and without physical boundaries. At any given point there will be 5 income opportunites to leverage:  

Workshops: Small-to-large, a franchisee's ability to host workshops begins and ends with their own ambition and work ethic. From small gatherings of girl friends to larger special events in a public space, any one event can match an average income. 

  • A small-size event of 10 guests would net a franchisee $230.00 take-home on ticket sales alone. 

    • Hosting a small event 5 days per week would net a franchisee about $60,000.00 per year on ticket sales alone 

Full-service catering: For those who are more aggressive about their earning potential, we will also fully train our franchisees on full-service catering, opening their client base to corporate and larger-scale events.

  • As a full-service caterer, Arts & Crepes repertoire ranges from simple classes as previously mentioned, office deliveries, seated meal engagements, standing cocktail events, pop-ups, and more. 

  • Our franchisees will be given the full gambit of training on preparing, staffing, and executing these types of engagements.

  • On larger scale events which franchisees either cannot or prefer not to service themselves, they can refer the event back to corporate and retain a referral commission.

Product Sales: At every workshop, franchisees will be able to upsell the guests both memorabilia/merchandise, unique french food products and ingredients, and tools and ingredients for guests interested in making crepes on their own. Franchisees can take orders directly from their online portal and take home a commission on all sales made. 

  • Merchandise that a workshop goer might be interested in are branded aprons and kitchen towels, our cookbook, t-shirts, and more 

  • Products that we have available for resell include artisan preserves, mustards, sugars, salts, spices, and more

  • Tools and ingredients available for purchase include crepe makers and tools, and proprietary ingredients such batter mixes, salad dressings, and more. 

Sign-ups: Much like Mary-Kay or other Network Marking models, the demonstrations also provide a natural recruiting grounds for potential franchisees. Franchisees will not only make a commission on the sign up fee for a new franchisee but will also make commission from every sale the new franchisee makes for the life of their tenure with Arts & Crepes

Team Sales: Each franchisee will be able to recruit as many new franchisees as they are able under their team with and earn on every sale for franchisees underneath them up to four levels deep.  

  • This means that every workshop, catered event, product sale, and sign-up produced by franchisees directly under their umbrella will earn them passive residual income indefinitely. 

Social Entrepreneurship

Make Money Socializing: Being that these workshops are highly social events, the opportunity for the franchisee is one that rewards them for being social. The social aspect is at the core of the business model: providing a social outlet for guests, the social interaction between the franchisee and the guests drives the atmosphere, and the more sociable the franchisee the more repeat business and referrals they'll earn. 

 Involvement Level Flexibility: From a fun social way to make money, to full-committed, the franchisee can choose their involvement level of their preference and upgrade or downgrade at their convenience

The Crepe Master

Franchisees who host a few hands-on/off crepe events each month

The Socialite

Franchisees who host all three hands-on event types (crepe making, wine tasting, and 5 mother sauces) and hands-off crepe making events each month

The Connoisseur

Franchisees who host all event types and builds teams of other crepe experts, socialites, and connoisseurs

The Grand Chef

franchisees who host all event types, builds teams of other crepe experts, socialites, and connoisseurs, and are also trained to cater all event types (corporate, large scale, etc.)

*Side Note* 

In addition to purchasing their way up to the next level, franchisees can also earn their way to the next level with business volume at their current level. Once they meet the requirements to be promoted to the next level they can unlock the next level of training for free and purchase the equipment (if any) at cost.

Unique Catering Option

Full-service catering: The world of catering, much like the restaurant business, is very competitive. The originality of our catering service creates a very unique selling proposition which allows us to not only stand out at the consumer's decision point, but also post-event we leave a lasting impression. In a world saturaated with sandwich trays  and chafing dishes, our on-site crepe making breaks the monotony of your everyday office lunch and event hosting. Rather than employees scooping salad out of a bowl or noodles out of a chafer, the customer is able to order from a limited menu, watch their dish be made especially for them from scratch, be drawn by the allure of a new dish and cooking style, and open their minds to flavors they don't encounter every day. The office suddenly has more life; the baby shower suddenly has a new and fun activity; the wedding has a cooking station that leaves an impression and stands out to the guests. Not to mention the traditional catering options such as tea sandwiches and chafing dishes are all in our offering, and the experience of the live crepe making often leaves such an impression that we are top of mind when the guest is looking to fill their more day-to-day needs. 

Our catering repertoire ranges from: Live crepe making and other live stations, buffet, passed hors d'oeuvres, stationary hors d'oeuvres, seated full-service meals, wine dinners, delivery with set up, drop off with no set up, and pop ups,